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C1 Custom Beverages is the premier solution for retailers, grocers, restaurants and beverage entrepreneurs who are looking for a turnkey provider of private label energy drinks and energy shots.
As the largest energy drink producer in Europe, we bring the experience and knowledge that others lack. When you partner with C1 Custom Beverages, you are partnering with one of the leaders in the private label beverage industry.

Together with our employees, we have stipulated the core values with which we want to, in cooperation with each other, become better at what we do. These core values provide the framework and direction through which we can achieve our goals together. We have also documented our values and principles in these core values.

Your idea Into reality!

We will turn your beverage idea into reality. We will take care of everything from developing a concept, recipe, and formulation to brand development, marketing, and beverage production. This will allow you to avoid critical mistakes. Our technical work, together with strategic capabilities, will allow you to create a market-ready product that will be attractive for consumers, retailers, distributors, and investors.


Each year – the R&D Department of C1 develops well over 100 new beverage recipes. The process by which a new product is introduced for production consists of several stages.

Trial Production

Once the technical and financial parameters of the project have been approved, detailed technical and technological documentation of the product is drawn up. This includes determining product specifications and conducting final tests in the Implementation Department laboratory and the Quality Control Department laboratory. We pack drinks to trays (cases) of 24 (250ml or 355ml cans) or 12 (500ml cans). We may also do 4-packs or 6-packs.

Make Improvements!

Does your beverage business face challenges or have obstacles to overcome? If your product needs improvement or you want to revitalize your brand or company, our expertise within the different areas of the industry allows us to solve a variety of challenges, including market gap identification and market entrance strategies; brand or company revitalization; marketing and communication strategy improvements; and more.


Second step in preparing a new project for implementation is to obtain all essential information about the beverage from the client who is commissioning production. At this stage, the R&D and Production departments analyze the feasibility of the project.

HACCP & GIS Approval

Prior to being produced each product must be approved by all departments connected with production and with the HAACP team. Therefore, all information on the new project is submitted for approval to the Food Safety Team.

Your idea Into reality!

Our level of expertise allows us to work with complex problems that larger corporations might face: opportunity assessment; competitor analysis; monitoring; new product development; innovation development; and more. Our global team consists of professionals from Market Intelligence, NPD and Marketing. Our boutique consulting approach enables our customers to get tailored made solutions for their business needs.


Preparation of sensory samples of the product for the client. Product taste testing involves the participation of representatives of the client’s company and specialists from the R&D Department.


Once the Main Sanitary Inspector has confirmed receipt of notification, industrial production begins under the specified conditions. The next step in the process is to introduce the product

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