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SKYE ENERGY DRINK will never contact you & offer to you Car Wraps.

Car wraps and fake checks.
This year, one of the biggest scams around is the car wrap or car advertising scam.
And if you aren’t careful, it could cost you thousands of dollars…
Here’s how the scam operates:
In a nutshell, you were looking for a legitimate work from home job and you received an email asking you if you’d like to make some money by having your car wrapped in a well-known brand logo (e.g.,SKYE Energy Drink).
Once you respond, you are sent a check for several thousand dollars and asked to deposit it.
You are also asked to keep some money for yourself and wire the remaining cash to a graphic designer. This designer is then supposed to come and decorate your car.
The only problem with this plan is that the check is fake and bounces after a few days of sitting in your bank account.
However, the bank is legally required to make the funds available to you immediately. The scam artist will tell you to you then forward the cash via money order to a third party.
Now, you just sent away thousands of your own dollars to an overseas criminal. The check IS going to bounce and you will be held liable for the missing money.
Typically, you will lose between $3,000-$4,000 on average.
And that doesn’t even include any headaches from having to explain to the bank why your are depositing fake checks into your account.
The scammer walks away with a fat stack of your money and you are left footing the bill.

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